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August 31, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
This is a lemon! If you don't like it don't read!!


Three month passed since Kira no longer exist and you still helping Lawliet on the police cases. Lawliet. Your boyfriend. Even if you were together for a long time you couldn't believe that he fell for you. It's so weird to think that the most famous detective in the world is in love with just an ordinary girl like you.

It's a normal afternoon and you were going home with L since a long day working in a new case. He's holding your hand and had a small smile in his face. 'It's incredible how he change his expression when we're alone…'. Lawliet has usually no expression when he is with other people, his voice always low and monotone, but it was different when he's with you, he always smiles by your side and seems happy. You looked up at him; his black messy hair was like always and he's wearing the white shirt and jeans that he wears all the time. Simple, but it just suits him.

You were going to cross the street when you heard a woman's voice calling both of you from a travel shop.


You and Lawliet looked at each other and raised an eyebrow before walking up there. The woman at the balcony had a big smile at her face and was holding two pieces of paper.

"You two are really lucky! We just launch a promotion for couples! Here it is! These are tickets that allow you guys spend two days in a resort paying only one third of the original price! It is a five-star resort and is located near an amusement park! So? Are you guys going to take it? It's really worth in my opinion!"

You looked at the tickets and daydreamed. Two days alone with Lawliet and in a five-star resort? It would be wonderful to spend it with him. And you could go to the amusement park!

L probably notice that you wanted it, 'cause he passed his arm around your shoulders and says:

"I would like to buy it, please."

You look up at him a little bit surprised. You'd never thought he would buy it.

"But we have work to do—"

"I think there is no problem to miss two days if we just want to spend some time together, or am I wrong? That's what you want, isn't it?" he says with his soft voice.

"Y-yeah, but do you want it too?" you were a little insecure about what he was feeling and plus, you don't wanted him to feel bored there while you'd have fun.

"If _____ will be with me I want it too."

"OMG!! You two are so cuteeeeee!!!" the woman says, shaking her head when she saw both of you blushing.

After paying it she gave you and Lawliet the information about the travel and then you went out. L let you at your home and went back to his own.

-------------- The day of your travel --------------

You woke up early in the morning and prepared yourself for your trip. You dress a white dress that goes up to the knees and a hat. You also put golden sneakers. You also put a little makeup, but nothing too extreme. 'I hope I don't look weird…'

You went off of your house and waited for Lawliet on the train station. You leaned on the wall and were waiting for him when some guys come into your direction.

"Hey, sweetie, are you alone there?" one of them says to you.

"Want to join us?" another asks.

"No, thanks. I'm fine here." You say icy.

"Ouch! That was so cold, sweetie. Come on, we're all good boys."

"I'm waiting for someone, please don't bore me."

"Hey, what right do you think you have to speak to us like that?" One of them come to your side and leaned over you.

"I have every right to do it. Go away from me." You were starting to be pissed.

"Oh my! You're so cold!" he says and his face came near to yours.

You grabbed his chin, your nails almost drilling his skin, and made he look at you.

"I said you should go away from me." Your voice low and with a dangerous tone. Then you pushed him away.

"You!!!" he says and were about to punch you when someone grabbed his arm.

"Don't you dare to touch my girlfriend!" Lawliet was furious, and it was pretty scary.

"Shit! She has a boyfriend! Let's go out here!!" and with this all of them run away.

"Are you ok?" L asks you with worried eyes.

"Yes, I'm ok. Thanks by the way." You give him a sweet smile.

"That's why." He says suddenly.


"That's why they came to you. You're looking just too cute today." He answers with a deep red blush in his face. Your smile grew bigger and you hug him. He is the cute one.

-------------- On the same day at 20:30 of the afternoon -------------

You were so happy that you could die. You two arrived at the resort at noon and it was a wonderful place. Your room were at the second floor and when you entered it you face went all red, 'cause there were only one bed. After having lunch you and Lawliet went to the amusement park and had a lot of fun. Then you came back to the resort at about 19 hours and you took a bath on their spa.

You came into the room, but Lawliet wasn't there yet so you took off the robe you were wearing and put your pajama. After that you lie down at the bed, feeling the tiredness from the whole day. Before you realized you fell asleep.

"Mum! Mummy!" you screamed. "Where are you going, mummy?"
"I'm leaving you, _____-chan. You're just bothering me. I don't need you in my life."
Tears came into your eyes. "MUMMY!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!"
"I'm never coming back, _____-chan. I hate you."

You suddenly wake up at the middle of the night. 'I-it's a nightmare. It was only a nightmare.' You tried to calm yourself down, but it doesn't work, you start to shake uncontrollably and tears came to your eyes. You tried to hold them but you couldn't, and begun to cry quietly.

You probably woke Lawliet up, because he instantly hugged you and petted your head.

"Hey, what is it?

"I-I had a n-n-nightmare…m-mum…she said she h-hated m-me" you buried your face in his chest while he caress you.

"Shhh…it was only a nightmare, only a nightmare…"

Slowly you calmed down in his arms, but you couldn't forget your mother expression. You suddenly felt an urgent need to kiss Lawliet. You lifted your head and gave him a sweet and gentle kiss. He opened his mouth and your tongue went in, exploring it and dancing with his. Your arms hugged his neck and your fingers went to his black messy hair. Lawliets hands entered under your pajama shirt and got up to your breasts. You let a low moan out, kissing him deeper. He broke the kiss and breathless started to unbutton your pajama.


He took your shirt off and kissed your chin, neck and collarbone while his fingers opened your bra. L licked all the way from your collarbone until your breasts. He sucked one of your nipples while one hand massage the other, making you gasp and let a moan out. You felt an elevation between his legs, pressed to your body and realizes that he get hard.

His mouth let your nipple and begun to lick around your breasts.

"Ah! Lawliet!!!" you moaned.

He lifted his head and kissed your lips, and you took this as a chance to take his shirt off. Your fingertips traced the muscles of his tummy coming to his chest, making him moan. His hands went to your waist and then to your pants, which he started to take off, exposing your wet panties.

"_-_____! You're so s-sexy!" he says to you with a deep voice.

You also took his pants off and his underwear too. You could not help but look at his member. 'I-it's bigger then I thought!' and then you went down and put your tongue on the top of it.

"A-ah!! _-______!! So good!" he let a loud moan out.

So you put it all into your mouth, sucking and licking it.

"T-that's not f-fair, ______. I should show y-you some pleasure too." And with this he took your panties off and one of his fingers rubbed your clit.

"L-Lawliet!! Ah!"

You let a gasp out when two of his fingers entered you. He moved inside you and you came in his hand. Lawliet licked it and your entrance, making you scream out of pleasure. You hugged his neck even stronger.

"I-I want you, Lawliet! P-please!"

He nodded and positioned himself between your legs.

"Are you sure t-that you want this, _-_____?" he asks, uncertain for a moment.

"Y-yes, please be mine, L-Lawliet!"

With this he entered you, and you screamed out of pain. Tears came into your eyes, but Lawliet kissed you, trying to distract you from the pain. And it worked very well, after some minutes all you could feel was pleasure. You whispered at his ear that he could move, and so he did. You two let a loud moan out.

"A-ah! Faster, L-Lawliet!! Harder!!"

He thrust you even more faster, making you two come together, your juices mixing with each others.

"I-I love you, ______!" he said breathless and panting, just like you.

"I love you too, Lawliet."

He got out of you and hugged you. 'I think I've never been so happy in my whole life…' was what both of you thought, while resting in each others arms with a smile.

Helloooo!!!! So here it is, the special part that I promised you guys!! :iconyayprussiaplz:
I was feeling totally like a perv while writing it :iconnosebleedingplz: XD !!
But I hope you guys like it:iconlalalaplz:,and sorry if it sucks.......:iconorzplz:
I do not own Death Note.

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ive read a Attack On titan and me and Levi had sex and it was weird cuz tht was the very 1st time I blushed but strangly this was more detailed

((((and more awesome ;P)))

and I didn't blush

but I loved this chptr XD
Orangepelz Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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kirathekiller3 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I think i lost my mind right now!! This story rocks i can believe you way it sucks, my storys suck! (but its not Deathnote)
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Thornpelt125 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Sky: *is a blushing mess* I feel faint..... *faints from the rush of blood to her cheeks* (BTW LOVED IT!!!! I FAVORITED IT!) 
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This is a really good Fanfiction~
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btw, I've lost my Mind's virginity at the age of 9. xDDD
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