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September 12, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
It has passed about 3 weeks since you and Ludwig had started dating. You were so happy! It was just like a dream to hold his hand whenever you wanted, hug him, kiss him… It was just perfect. Ludwig also seemed very happy, he was always by your side and didn't care anymore when you were with his brother, Gilbert; there was no more reason for him to be jealous. Both of you were now lying on the sofa watching a movie. Your back was pressed against his chest and your head was resting on it either, his arms around your waist, holding you closer to him. You loved his touch on your skin and the way he kissed you, but you wanted always more and more, you wanted more than just kiss him, the desire to touch him was big, and sometimes you thought you were going crazy. 'I mean, I just want him closer to me, much closer then now…but I don't know exactly what I have in mind…what do I want from him?...I only have the feeling that something is missing…' you shook your head lightly with a suddenly need to go to the toilet.

"Hey, Luddy, stop the film please? I need to go to the toilet." You said, cuz you couldn't hold it anymore, you needed to go. And now. Before you piss in your pants.

"Oh, yeah, of course." He answered you and took his hand off from your body, letting you stand up. The warm of his touch being substituted for a cold winter  wind that came from a crack on the window, making you shake a little. "Hurry up and come back zo me before zou get a cold, ja?"

You smiled at him and nodded. He was always so sweet!!

After using the toilet that was upstairs, you were walking through the corridor in the stairs direction when you heard the loudly Gilbert.

"Oi, Frau! Vat is zis serious expression on zour face?"

"Hi, Gil. There is no serious expression in my face." You said to him, but it was a lie. You were still thinking on what you could make for get you and Ludwig even closer.

"Geez, of course zere is it. I know zou for zears, sweetheart, and I said before, didn't I? I can read zour face like a book!"

You hesitated for a moment before telling him what it was, and when you finished you were surprised that he laughed.

"Keseseseseseses~!! Zou're so innocent, _____!! It's obvious vat zou're zhinking about. Both of zou need sex."

"Huh?" that was not what you were expecting.

"S-E-X. Zou know what I mean. It's ven a man and a woman make loooooove, keseseseses~!! Zhat's vat vould make zou become closer. It vould make him happy, it'd make zou happy and both of zou vould be just like in heaven, trust me, own experience, keseseseseses~!!"

You only stood there, with a blank expression, but really shocked. Fortunately you heard Ludwig calling you.

"_______?! Are zou finished there?"

"Yeah!!! I'm coming!!"
You ran the stairs down and threw yourself in his arms, pressing your small body against his tall one. Always when he hugged you, you could not help but think how big he was, he always gave you the feeling that he was protecting you. You snuggled on him and watched the movie.

After you finished it, you stretched yourself and turned on too Ludwig. You found him looking at you with a light blush on his face and with his blue eyes shining. He hugged you and burred his face on your hair.

"Ich liebe dich, _____" he whispered.

"I love you too, Luddy"

"Hey!!! Both of zou!! Go and get a room! Don't make all this crappy stuff in my awesome sofa!" you let a sigh out. Gil could be really annoying sometimes. "Or better, go train! West, zou always make me train, why don't zou go with _____ too?"

Ludwig doesn't seem to be happy. "Bruder, is going to rain later, and is cold outside. If zou want to train, go ahead."

"Keseseseses~!! I'm too awesome for zhis training. And it's not raining yet. Zou two should go train."

"Bruder, we're ocup—" but Luddy was cut off by the albino man.

"There's no excuse, West~! Now is your turn to make something you don't want too!"  Prussia said with a mix of funny and serious tone.

"Zou can be a real moron sometimes, Bruder!"

After 30 minutes you and Ludwig were outside the house, in the backyard, which was very large, with grass covering it, just like a football field. You were training hard and then he said that both of you should just stop because the clouds were dark gray and it was starting to rain.

"Hey, _______!! Come in! Zou vill get a cold!!" he screamed.

"I'll just finish to run this rout and then I'll come in!!" you screamed back, your body all wet because of sweat and rain.

"Geez, you're impossible! Zou have been varn that—"

Whatever he  were going to say was cut off by a shocked expression on his face when he saw how you slipped in a puddle of mud. He ran to your side and helped you to get up.

"Shit…this was my favorite training shirt!" you yelled, looking at it, which was covered by mud, just like your pants, face and hair. You sighed, if you were paying attention you wouldn't have slipped. But you weren't. You were still thinking of what Gilbert said.

"Zour shirt doesn't matter! How are zou? Are zou hurt?" Ludwig asked you with a worried voice.

"I think I am okay. I don't feel nothing hurting…It's alright, Luddy, it was just a slide! No need to wor—"

"Of course I'm worried! Look at zou! It wasn't JUST a slide!" you looked up at him. He was really worried, you could see it in his light blue eyes. "Zou must see vere you're running, _____..."

"I-I'm sorry…"

He sighed and passed an arm around your waist. "It's okay…zou just…zou just scared me…"he said lowly "Can you walk?"

You nodded, but when got a step forward a pain went through your left knee and you lost your balance. Ludwig hold you firmly against his chest.

"Come, I'll carry zou."

You looked at him, and before you could say something he left you easily in his arms. A deep blush came into your cheeks. You pressed your head against him trying to hide it, and then you heard his heartbeats, and the warm of his body even if it was cold and raining. You loved him. You loved him so much!

"So here zou go, liebling. Vash zourself and zhen come zo me and I'll get a look in zour knee, ok?" Ludwig told you, putting you back on your feet in front of the bathroom which was in his room.


He leaned over you and gave a fast kiss on the top of your nose before turning around and getting out of the room.

You closed the door and took off your dirty clothes, throwing them on the floor. You got a shower, and saw how brown and red water fell on the floor. You looked at your knee and saw a short cut on it that was bleeding a lot. 'Geez, another one…'

When you got finish by showering you wrapped the towel around yourself and dried your hair a bit before getting out. Ludwig was sitting on the bed waiting for you. He had took a shower too, and putted another clothes.

He lifted his head and as he saw you just with towel his face went all red just like yours.

You sat by his side, wondering how beautiful he was when his hair wasn't all tidy.

"L-lie down so I can put zis bandage on zour knee, _____" he was sooooo cute when embarrassed!!  But you did it anyway, suddenly remembering what Gil said. 'S-E-X! That would make both of you happy!'

You felt his long fingers pressing the bandage on your knee and shook a little by his touch. You wanted more, you wanted HIM.

"Vell, it's finished. Zou can stand up now, liebe."

"I-I d-don't want to…" you said, the words escaping from your mouth. You covered your face with your arm.


"I don't want to stand up! I want to be with you! I want you!" you said, almost not believing yourself. How could you say such childish things?

"______. Take zour arm from zour face."

You did it and saw how Ludwig's face came near to yours. His lips touched yours gently, licking your lip asking for entrance which you gave him. His tongue explored every inch from your mouth and dancing with yours. You felt his body over yours and your heart beat faster, you were wearing only a fucking towel!!!

He broke the kiss, and kissed your cheeks, going down to your neck and collarbone, letting a trail of kisses, which made you moan lowly. It obviously made him feel horny, cuz his fingers went down to the towel and took it off of you. You gasped and tried to cover yourself.

"No. Don't do it. Zou're so beautiful, _____...I love you" he said in your ear, kissing you once again. His hands touched your breasts.

"A-ah! Ludwig!"

It was as if you had encouraged him. His mouth went to one of your nipple and sucked at it, making you moan loudly, while his other hand massaged the other one.

You felt a bulge pressed against your body and realized that it was his member. You took his shirt off and slowly made your way to his pants, which you took off with his underwear. You could not help but look at it with widen eyes. 'I-it's so big!! Much bigger then I thought!!'

You moaned as he lightly bit your nipple and decided that it was time to give him some pleasure too. You stroked his member with your long nails, making him gasp and moan.

"_-_____! Ah! So….so good!

You went down and put your tongue on the top of it, licking and sucking it for first, before putting it all in your mouth.

He moaned in pleasure. "_____!! You're so…!!" he didn't finished the sentence.

Ludwig gently pushed you out of him and get over you again.

"Now is my turn, liebe." He said breathless. You gasped as you felt his fingers rubbing your clit and suddenly going in. You arched your back as he started to move and as he added two more fingers, finally finding your 'special point'. He pulled you to a kiss and said against your lip:

"I love you, _-_____. I love zou so much!"

"I love you too, Luddy." You answered him smiling. He took his finger out of you and positioned himself between legs, in front of  your wet 'vital region' as Gilbert would call it.

"A-are zou sure zhat zou vant zis, _____?" he asked you hesitantly for a moment.

"Yes! P-please, make me yours, Ludwig!!" you said panting.

He nodded and thrust you, making you scream of pain. He leaned over you and kissed you, trying to distract you from the pain. Which worked very well, by the way. You putted your arms around his neck and whispered on his ear that he could move now that you were feeling more pleasure then pain.

He started to move, going in and out of you.

"A-AH!! FASTER, LUDWIG!! HARDER!!" you screamed. He did so and you were blind of pleasure.

"Y-you're so thigh, _____!!! A-ah!!"

He went even faster and harder, until you couldn't hold it anymore and screamed.

"L-Ludwig!! I'm coming!!!"

"M-me too!" he went faster and faster.

"Ah!! Ludwig!!!!!"


Both of you screamed each other name when you came, mixing your juices together. He get out of you, suddenly exhausted. Ludwig hugged you, pressing you against his abs.

"I love you, Ludwig." You said lowly.

"Ich liebe dich auch, _____. I love zou more zhan anything else."

---------------- In the leaving room -----------------

Gilbert was lying on the sofa watching TV when he said to his little bird, Gilbird, with a large smile on his face:

"Keseseseseseseses~!!! Zose zwo are so loud!! Hope zey're having a good zime, keseseseseseses~!!!!"

Hello, there~!!! :iconsayhiplz:
This the last part of Secret Love! I made a lemon cuz that's what :iconotaku-chan23: asked me to do!! :iconpervyfranceplz:
So I hope you guys like it, and I'm sorry if anyone didn't liked the end :iconimsorryplz:
And sorry if it sucks!!
Thanks for reading it until the end :iconexcitedblushplz:
I do not own Hetalia or any of it characters!!

Part One: [link]
Part Two:[link]
Part Three: you're here!
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