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“C’mon, Frau! Spit it out! Vhat’s going on?” a dead worried Prussian asked you. And he had a reason to be nervous, after all, you’d been acting weird all day long. You looked at him, and gave a tired smile, “It’s nothing, Gil, everything’s fine”

“________... do I look zhat stupid? Do I look useless for you?” he whispered, kneeling down in front of you. You looked surprised at him and quickly knelt beside him, giving him a clumsy hug. “Of course you don’t! What are you talking about? You’re the best boyfriend I ever had!” you reassured, stroking his snow white hair. ‘So soft…’ you thought, flushing a little.

“Zhen just zell me, vhat’s going on? You’ve been acting weird for a whole week now! Have I done zomething wrong?” he said, looking at you.

“No, Gil! Of course you-” but you were cut off by him.

“Zhen have I forgotten something?” he asked again. “God, no! Gil, listen, you haven’t-!” you tried again, but it was of no use.

“Zell me, _______! What’s wrong? Did you find some other guy zhat you…” he took a deep breath, “Do you want zo break up, _______?”

It was like if the time stopped for five seconds, just like your heart. Your eyes widen and you caught your breath. “What?!? No!! Oh my…! No, no, Gil! You got it all wrong! You…! Oh my God, that’s what you were thinking? For God’s sake no! I never thought on breaking up!” you said, almost desperately. ‘What on earth is he thinking?’

Gilbert looked at you, and you didn’t know exactly what the look on his eyes meant. “Zhen… what’s happening?”

“As I said, Gil, there’s absolutely nothing. Useless you think a stupid cold is a reason to you to be that worried” you answered with a tired tone, but still with a little smile on your face. The Prussian man let an unwilling sigh of relief out, but suddenly went wide-eyed. “Was?? You’ve caught a cold? When?”

You couldn’t help but giggle. Sometimes he was way too cute for you to handle it. “Dunno… Maybe when I went to the supermarket that day, you know, it was raining and all…” you answered, smiling sweetly.

“Tch… you shouldn’t go outside when it’s raining, goddammit! Much less when it’s raining AND we’re in zhe middle of winter” he complained. You rolled your eyes, already used to that kind of behavior. ‘He’s always being so overprotective!’

“Look, Gil, it’s just a little-” but as it seems Gilbert wasn’t even listening to you, because without saying anything he pulled you into a tight hug, hiding his face on your shoulder. “Don’t ever scare me like that again, _______...”

You didn’t do or said anything for some seconds, too surprised with his sudden change of act. Normally Gilbert would never be so… how could you describe it? Sentimental? Yeah, maybe that’s the right word. Yes, of course he would always care about you, most of time in a sarcastic way or so, but like this? The way he was acting now? No, that was really seldom.

You smiled a little wider, letting yourself wrap your thin arms around his waist, resting your head on his chest. Both of you stayed like this for some seconds, just enjoying the moment. “Hey, Gil?” you whispered.

“Hm?” he mumbled in response.

“You know you didn’t look very awesome some minutes ago…” you said, with your little devil mind on. You felt as Gilbert stiffened, getting numb and suddenly pushing you away from him, but still holding your shoulders.

“HAH??? Vhat did you say, woman? Me? Not awesome???? You must be kiddin’!!” he yelled, making a grimace. “I’m sure you have a fever…” he grumbled.

You laughed loud. Well, you couldn’t really help it. He was just too cute. “See? Zhere is it again, zhe real you” you said with a giggle.

Gilbert looked at you with a twitch between his eyebrows. “I’m always awesome, Frau.”

“Yes, yes, whatever” you mocked. That obviously made the Prussian a little more than annoyed. He narrowed his eyes, clearly trying not to lose his control. “What is it, Gil? Is it so difficult to give me a good answer? What a pity…”

You saw as Gil’s face became white (more than it already was), purple and then red. “You asked for it, ________!!” he shouted and threw you (gentle) at the floor, getting on the top of you and starting to tickle you. In no time the two of you were rolling in the floor, laughing and fighting to get some air. You tried your best to win against him, but he was just too strong for you, and easily took control of the situation, holding your wrists, each of one side of your head, and his knees immobilizing your legs. “So, Frau!! Who’s not awesome here, hah??” he teased, with his usual smirk.

“You” you answered with another smirk, trying really hard not to laugh. Gilbert smiled wider. “I don’t zhink you’re in any position to say that, woman”

“You think so?” you asked, and with a fast movement you pulled your wrist to your chest, making Gilbert release them. As soon as the Prussian wasn’t holding you anymore, you used it as a chance to invert the game, pushing him and rolling on the top of Gil. “Now, now, what where you saying again, Mr. Beilschmidt?” you asked with a giant smile.

“You sure are persistent, ya little girl…” he said, with a grin, making you laugh. And before you could notice it, Gilbert pulled your neck down, smashing his lips over yours. At first you were pretty surprised, but soon melted into the kiss, letting his tongue enter your mouth and explore it. A few minutes passed, and you were feeling like if you were in heaven; it was just too nice to be like this with Gilbert. But the lovely moment passed as you felt Gil’s lips form a smirk over yours, and sooner than you could notice it again, he rolled the both of you, stopping in the top of you again.

“Basic rule of survival, ________” he whispered at your ear, with that sexy tone, making shivers run down your spine, “…Never let your guard down”

You were about to replay when you started to cough like crazy, ‘Damn this shitty cold…’ you thought, but still unable to stop. ‘Air…! I need air!!”.

“_________!?! Are you alright, Frau?” Gilbert asked, worried with your coughing fit. But you couldn’t answer, there wasn’t enough air for you to breathe since he was practically sitting above you, and all the coughing wasn’t helping at all.

“A-air!” you managed to say, gasping. “Gil! You’re he-!” but you were interrupted by another coughing fit. “YOU’RE HEAVY!!” you screamed when you finally found a break.

Gilbert quickly let go off you, and sat next to you, hitting you lightly on the back. Once it got better, you let a long sigh out. “F-finally…”

“Are you okay, ________?” he asked you, concerned. You nodded, but kind of unsure. What the hell was this right now? You never coughed so much at once, and it was just the beginning of a cold… Just a little playing around with Gilbert wouldn’t cause such thing, would it?

You closed your eyes, suddenly too tired and with a light headache. “Are you sure, Liebe? You don’t look very well…”

“I’m fine, Gil…” you whispered, opening your eyes and giving him a sweet smile, which made Gilbert’s heart beat a little faster. ‘Cute…

“You should sleep a bit, so zhat tomorrow you get better, it’s late anyway…” he said, starting to take you in bridal style.

“Ha? Whaaa?? Hey Gil!! What are you doing?! Put me down!!” you yelled, with a deep shade of red in your face, burning of mortification. You saw as the Prussian smirked (the smirk that always annoyed you, but that you fell for anyway). “No way” he simply said, and you knew that there was no chance he was going to release you. You made a grimace and gave up. “Damn you stupid Prussian…”

Gilbert just laughed, starting to walk upstairs. “You’re pretty heavy, aren’t you, ________?”

“HAAA??? PUT ME DOWN!! GILBERT, PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!” you demanded, struggling in his arms, your face as red as one tomato. Gil couldn’t help it anymore and started to laugh loud. “You’re just cute” he said, stealing a peck from your lips. If possible, you blushed even more.

“And you’re impossible” you groaned.

“Maybe I am” he simply answered, with his usual smirk.

When you two reached Gilbert’s bedroom, he laid you down at his bed, took a pair of sweatpants and a big t-shirt, gave it to you, and went at the door direction. “The awesome me is going zo do something zo eat, you stay here and change into zhese clothes, it’s the best thing I can get as pajamas for you” he said.

“B-but I don’t need any, Gil! I have pajamas at home!”

“And do you think I’m going to let you go home today, Frau? Nein, you have a cold, you stay here. And in your house there’s no one who’s going to take care of you” and with this he closed the door behind him. “And stay there! I’ll come soon!!” you heard him say while going downstairs.

You looked at clothes he let you, and blushed without a reason. ‘Was he really serious when he said that I’m gonna stay here tonight?

You shook your head and took the pants and t-shirt he gave you, making your way to the bathroom. “GIL!! I’m going to take a bath okay??” you shouted downstairs, hoping he heard it. Oh, and yes, he certainly heard, because not even a second later his head pocked up, and sparkling eyes looked at you. “Sure, Liebe! Shall I help you wash your back?”

You blushed furiously. “No! I definitely don’t need your help!”

Gilbert just laughed and added “Are you sure?” with a raised eyebrow and innocent smile. You felt as your ears burned of shame. “Shut up, Gil!! PERVERT!!” you shouted at him (who just laughed at your childish behavior) and slammed the bathroom door shut.

Gilbert let a happy sight out and walked back to the kitchen. ‘I really love you, ________...

Pervert, pervert, pervert!’ you thought while throwing your clothes at the floor, and entering under the warm water. ‘Big pervert!

And even thought you kept telling yourself this, you were still smiling. Well, yes, he was a pervert, but when you accepted being his girlfriend you also accepted this side of him, so there was no surprise at all. ‘But he could be a little more sensible!’ you told yourself. ‘Yeah, but then it wouldn’t be Gilbert, and Gilbert is the man you love’ you had to agree to this thought as well. You loved the Prussian by the way he was, so no complaints.

You continued your shower, but you started to feel kind of suffocated with all the steam. ‘It’s nothing… It’ll pass right away…’ but it was getting worse. ‘I must get out of here!

Blindly you tried to search for the shower’s faucet, but you were feeling too dizzy, your mind getting darker. ‘G-Gil!

You tried to get out of the shower, but your body wasn’t answering and your legs wouldn’t move. ‘Shit…!...... Gil! Help… m-me!’ and this was your last thought before losing consciousness and falling inside an ocean of darkness.

------------- Time skip -------------

You slowly opened your eyes, but  closed them again. ‘It hurts…’ And indeed, your head was hurting as hell…

“__-_______? Are you awake, Schatz?” you heard a male voice say. But it sounded so distant… Who was it? “Hey, Liebe! C’mon, Frau! Wake up!”. Yeah, you’d already heard to this voice plenty of times… “________!! Please look at me! Open your eyes!! Bitte...” his voice sounded so worried, almost as if he was hurt.

You tried once more, and completely opened them, your (e/c) eyes meeting crimson ones. “Gil-Gilbert…?” you said, your throat dry.

“Ja! Yes, it’s me!” he said, stroking your hair, with teary eyes. “Thanks God you’re awake…” he whispered, trying hard not to cry, but it was of no use, and soon tears started to fall down his cheeks. You looked at him, and smiled, wiping it away. “Why are you crying, Gil?”

“Because… because you-… damn, I don’t even know why!” he said, and then smiled. Not a dumb smirk or so, no, just a sad and sorrowful smile. “Doesn’t sound very awesome, huh?”

Seeing him like that made your heart clench. It was painful.

You sighed and looked around. You were at Gil’s room, lying on his bed and with him sitting next to you (kind of leaning over you), while stroking your cheeks and hair. You tried to sit up too, but a slight pain passed in your head. “Ouch!”

“Hey, you lay down, ________!” Gilbert yelled, pushing you back.

“Why does my head hurt so much?” you asked, but obediently laid down again.

“You don’t remember?”

“Not at all… I was taking a shower and then everything went black and I fainted…”

Gilbert sighed and started to talk. “I’d finish doing our dinner and was zaking it zo you, in zhe bedroom. You weren’t zhere so I planned on waiting until you finished your bath. Zhen I heard something coming from zhe bathroom, but as it wasn’t really loud I zhought it was just my imagination, so I let it be… It passed 15 minutes and you hadn’t come out, and I started getting worried… I went zo check out if everything was okay, and as I called you and you didn’t answered… well, I came in and saw you lying unconscious on zhe bath, water still on. I don’t know what I felt when I saw you zhere… I seriously thought that my heart stopped for some seconds… But somehow I managed zo move myself and zake you out of zhere…” he stopped and looked at you, and you didn’t know exactly what was the expression in his eyes… Relieve? Pain? Worry? You had no idea.

“I zhink you hit your head or something like zhis… It wasn’t bleeding but…” he said and took a deep breath. “It’s zhe first zime I felt so afraid… The first time I felt so much fear…” he whispered. Without a second thought you passed your arms around his neck and hugged him tight. There was no need for words, everything he wanted to say, everything you wanted to say, had been transmitted by a simple gesture like that.

“I love you, Gil…”

“Ich liebe dich auch, Schatz… and I’m glad you’re okay…”

For some minutes both of you shared this lovely moment, until Gil pulled himself away. “You should eat something, ________. Look vhat I did! Extra portion for an injured person!” and showed you a plate full of potatoes and sausage (or Wurst, as he would say). No matter how much you were feeling bad you started to laugh. “Hah? What is it, woman?”

“Nothing, G-Gil! R-really nothing!” you managed to say.

“That’s not true! Vhat are you laughed about, huh?”

“Potatoes and sausage? I-it’s not very original coming from you, right? Is that everything you can do? I wonder how Ludwig could have grown so tall” you laughed.

“It’s not sausage, Frau! It’s Wurst! A delicious food! Vhat’s why I’m so awesome and West’s tall. You’re vhe weirdo one!” he yelled, just like a little kid.

“Yes, yes, of course…” you said, with a smile playing on your lips.

“C’mon, shut up and eat already” he demanded, giving you the plate and helping you to sit up. You took it and ate. “It’s good…!”

Gilbert looked at you incredible. “Of course it’s good!! Vhat’s your problem, Frau??? Why would it not be??”

“Well, you know… men and cooking…” you teased. Big mistake. Gilbert smirked, his little devil mind on.

“Men are very good at cooking you know, _________” he answered, indifferent. Or at least trying to be.

“Yeah, maybe, but I didn’t think you were include in that”

Gilbert’s eyebrows twitched in annoyance. But he already knew what to do. He smiled devilish at you, and held your chin. Before you could do anything his face came near to yours and he licked the corner of your mouth. Totally surprised, you didn’t move an inch.

“Zhere was a little sauce, you know…” he said, smirking. You blushed again, but not only your cheeks went red, but your whole face. “GILBERT!! YOU MORON!!” you yelled, pulling him away. And then it was his time to laugh. “Hahahaha!! You’re just cute, ________~”

“Shaddup…” you groaned, your mouth full of food.

Gilbert ruffled your hair and stood up. “I’m going zo zake a bath and put my pajamas, you stay here and go to sleep when you’re finished! Don’t do anything else!”

“Yes, dad” you said, rolling your eyes. “If you need something just call me!” he told you and closed the door behind him.

-------------- Time skip -------------

After you ate everything you brushed your teeth and rolled under the warm blankets, waiting for Gilbert. And even if you’d just collapsed and all, this was by far your major preoccupation. You were dead nervous with just one thing: sleeping in the same bed as your boyfriend. Of course you believed him and that, but well, Gilbert was Gilbert! And he was for sure a pervert!

You covered your head with a pillow and tried to calm down. ‘It’ll be fine… he won’t do anything!’. And indeed, after some minutes you were okay with the idea, after all, there was nothing wrong by sleeping with someone you loved, right? And Gilbert wouldn’t do anything to a person with a cold.

Some minutes passed and you must have been really tired, almost asleep, because you didn’t notice as Gil joined you in the bed. Only when you felt something wrapping around your waist, you realized that he was there, hugging you. “Sorry for zhe late”

And there it was, he and his sexy voice again, making more shiver go down your spine. ‘Damn it… why is he the only one that makes me feel this way…?

“You’re not late…” you whispered back, trying to relax in his arms (but it wasn’t working very well). And then, out of nowhere, one thought went into your mind: if you fainted in the bath and woke up in Gil’s bed, with clothes, that meant someone rescued you, and if someone entered the bath, that meant this someone saw you naked. You stiffened. ‘Oh my God…! Oh, no!! Please, dear God, say that’s not true!!

“Frau? Are you alright?” the Prussian asked you. You turned your head to face him, with wide eyes. “G-Gilbert, you were the one who took me out of the bath, right?”

“Ja, it was zhe awesome me, why? Is something wrong, ________?”

Someone shoot me…!! W-what now? He saw me completely na-!! Whaaa, this is so embarrassing!! And now we’re in the same bed!!’. For some minutes you really thought that you were going to die; you couldn’t even breathe properly.

“Woman, you’re starting zo scare zhe shit out of me! Vhat’s going on??”

You looked at him again, swallowed hard and stammered “Then d-d-did you see me n-n-nak… me na-naked?”

You knew your face should be hilarious: totally red, little tears of humiliation in the corner of your eyes and a priceless expression. Gilbert was confused at first, then a light blush came into his cheeks and finally he managed to speak. “Well… yes, ich hab-, I mean, yes I’ve seen it…”

You flinched and tried to wrap yourself even more in the blankets. You couldn’t face the Prussian, you were way too ashamed. Gilbert noticed that you were feeling uncomfortable as hell, and smirked, pressing your back tighter against his chest. “But I must say zhat you have a damn hot body, Frau~”

“Gilbert!!” you shouted, trying to get out of his arms. “That’s gross! Let go of me! I’ll sleep on the sofa!” but Gilbert had no intention of letting you go. He just held you there, silently laughing. And that pissed you off.

With a quick movement you pulled your arm back, giving him a painful poke in the chest. “__-_______!! Zhat was dirty game!! Ouch…!”

You took this as a chance to release yourself from him and get out of the bed, taking only the pillow with you. “Hey, ________! I was kiddin’! Come back, Schatz!”

“You’re the worse, Gilbert! I hate you!!” you screamed, and the tears you were holding started to roll down your cheeks. ‘Damn it! Why is everything so complicated? I feel so ashamed and yet for a stupid reason! He saved me while I was taking a shower! There was no way he wouldn’t see me naked! I shouldn’t be blaming him!......... But he teased me even though he knows how I feel…

And suddenly you were crying that much that you couldn’t even stand on your own, falling into your knees and covering your face with your hands. “Damn i-it…!” you whispered.

Gilbert came to your side and passed his arms around you. “Es tut mir leid, _______... I’m sorry, it vas mean of me…” he apologized in a low tone, but you noticed he was truthfully regretful. “And say whatever you want, I’m not letting you sleep nowhere but in my bed”

You didn’t know exactly why, but you blushed lightly. “… hate you” you said in a very low voice.

“Vhat? Speak a little louder, Frau!”

You looked at him and dried some of the tears in your face. “… I don’t hate you…”

Gilbert smiled and stroked your cheeks with his big hand. “I know zhat, silly. Zhere’s no way you would hate zhe awesomeness zhat’s me, keseseseses~” and gave you a fast kiss on the nose. “Come, let’s go back to bed, I’m tired as hell”

“Mhm…” you muttered and stood up, walking back to bed, just as your boyfriend. When the two of you laid down, Gil hugged you tight and pressed his lips on your forehead. “I love you, ________, von ganzem Herzen…”

“Y-yeah, I love you too, Gil…” you answered, resting your head on his chest and falling asleep in no time.

------------ Time skip, next morning ------------

Gilbert woke up with a thin sunbeam burning in his face, making him groan in annoyance. God, how he hated that! Every morning was the same thing, that stupid sun light passing through the space between the two curtains. ‘I’ll have to do something about this later…

Throwing this thought apart, he looked at you, who was still sleeping in his arms. And he couldn’t help but think at how cute you were while sleeping, with your hair spread in the pillow and your body curled in the blankets. ‘You’re adorable, ________... almost as awesome as me’ he thought with a contained laugh. Gilbert smiled and did what he loved to do: stroke your soft cheeks. But as soon as he touched it, he knew something wasn’t right, you were way too hot.

Getting a look closer, Gilbert noticed that your cheeks were totally red and that you were sweating a lot. ‘Scheiße! Don’t tell me she has a fever!?

But it was exactly like this. Gilbert carefully get out of the bed, trying his best not to wake you up, and ran down stairs. ‘Where was the medicine again??? I’m sure it was here…’ he thought while searching inside a box. ‘Or was it in the kitchen?

When Gilbert finally found it he also took a thermometer and was about to make his way upstairs again, when he saw you on the kitchen’s door. And not on your best state. You were leaning against the wall, supporting all your weight on it, sweating, red, trying to catch your breath and with big dark circles under your eyes. “G-Gil…?”

“________!! Vhat zhe hell are you doing here??? You should be sleeping!! Or resting!! Whatever, you should be on the bed!! Mein Gott!! Look at you!!” Gilbert panicked, putting the medicine and the thermometer in his pajama’s pocket and running into your direction.

“B-but you w-weren’t there… so I-I came to look af-after y-” but you didn’t managed to end the sentence, falling unconscious. And before you could hit the ground Gilbert held you firm against his chest. “You silly woman…” he whispered, hiding his face in your shoulders. “Thanks God I’ve caught you…!”

Gilbert sighed in relief and picked you up in his arms. When he reached his room he laid you on the bed and sat next to you. If he could, he would love to see you sleeping forever. You looked just so calm, cute and peacefully while sleeping! But he knew that right now he should wake you up and give you some medicine and measure your temperature.

The albino started to shake your shoulders lightly, and within some minutes you recovered consciousness. “_________? Are you awake, Liebe?” Gilbert asked, squeezing your hand, but nothing too harsh.

“Yes… I guess” you said with a small smile. And just this simple act made Gil’s heart beat faster. “Oww… my head still hurts…”

“Well, you’ve hit it yesterday and you have a cold, of course it hurts, what were you expecting?” he replied. And even if you were feeling bad you had to control yourself not to give him a proper answer.

You just frowned, looking away from him. “Oh, c’mon, don’t be mad, Schatzie~” Gilbert said and before you could even blink he stole another peck from your lips. “GILBE-!” you started to yell, but a coughing fit took care of you in the same moment. “Ach nö~!! Not again!!” he complained like a little child, but waited patiently until it passed. When it finally stopped you sat and tried to breath correctly. “I hate this…” you mumbled.

“Zhat’s why I zook zhis medicine! I’ll just go and zake a glass of water for you, so wait here and don’t go chasing after me! Got it?”

“Yes, yes…” you said, emotionless.

“Really?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeeees!” you confirmed, getting annoyed.

“Really, really?” he said again, now making fun of you.

“GODDAMMIT!! YES, GILBERT!! NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!” you shouted, throwing a pillow in his direction.

Gilbert just laughed a closed the door. “Love you, _______!!” he screamed.

You just shook your head and leaned down again. ‘And though sometimes you’re just a pain in the ass I love you too, Gil…

----------------- Time skip -----------------

Gilbert had just given you your medicine and was about to take the thermometer out of your mouth. When he looked at it he was kind of surprised, but it he’d already expected it. Too high.

“Alright, now zhe only zhing zhat you can do is sleep, Frau!” he said and started to lay sown, besides you.

“Hah? What are you doing, Gil? Shouldn’t I be the one sleeping?” you asked, confused. Gilbert smirked and hugged you. “I’m going to sleep with you of course”

You looked at him, not knowing what to do. “But you’re going to catch my cold!”

“As if!! I’m too awesome for colds, woman!” he said, proudly of his awesomeness.

“Geez!! I’ve warned you…” you whispered and turned your back to him, making yourself comfortable. And suddenly you felt Gilbert placing light butterfly kisses down your neck and face. “Gi-GIIIL????” you asked wide eyed and dead nervous. “What are you doing?????”

“Isn’t it obvious, Frau?” he asked you instead, still kissing you.

“Y-you shouldn’t be d-doing such things!!” you yelled trying to pull him away. “I’m supposed to rest, remember??”

“Well, I can’t help it when you’re showing your neck in such a sexy way…” he whispered in your ear. “You’re zhe one teasing me, ________”

You blushed furiously, and turned your body to face him. As soon as his eyes met yours, you couldn’t look anywhere but in an ocean of red orbits. And all they said was ‘I love you’.

Without an aware command of your brain you passed your hands in his snow white hair and pulled Gilbert’s head down, softly connecting your lips. It wasn’t a lustful kiss or so. No, just a simple kiss, full of passion and sweetness. When you two broke apart, you clung into him and closed your eyes. “I love you, Gil…”

He laughed softly and hugged you. “I know, Frau. Ich liebe dich auch” and with a final kiss on the top of your head he whispered “Now sleep…”

“Mhm…” you mumbled in response. “Hey, Gil…?” you asked after some time, almost asleep.

“Ja, Schatz?”

“You will always be with me, won’t you? You’ll be here when I wake up, right?”

Gilbert pressed you a little tighter. “Of course. I’ll never let you go, _______. I’ll always be here when you need me”

“Good…” you said lowly, falling asleep with a tired and sweet smile.

Gil looked at your peaceful expression and closed his eyes as well.

“Forever and ever by your side, ________. Always.”
Finally!!! Finally, finally, finally!!!!!!! Finally finished this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wrote 8 pages more than I pretended, but it was soooooo worth :iconsqueeeeplz:
I've been writing this for one whole month so that's why I didn't submit any of the others fanfictions ^^"
But anyway, this is a contest entry for :iconresistance33: Sick!Reader Contest :D It's my first time taking part in it, so I hope it'll be fun ^^
I particularly loved this!! :iconinloveplz: Since Prussia is my fave character it was really great to write it~:heart:
Hope you guys like it, and comments are very welcome ^^

Translation of some German sentences:
Es tut mir leid: I'm so sorry
Ich liebe dich: I love you
Ja: yes
Schatz/Schatzie: treasure
Liebe: love
Nein: no

I don't own Hetalia or the picture~ ^^
you----> yourself or :iconsexyprussia2plz:
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Then, then then, :Bunny Emoji-26 (Teehee) [V2] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 
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