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November 20, 2012
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Mathias sat you in between his open legs, placed his chin on your shoulder and gently rubbed your four-month old bay bump. "Hey, _______, how do you think she will look like?" he asked softly.

You laid your head back at his chest and put a hand over his. "No idea… but I hope she inherit your hair… beautiful blond hair." You felt him laugh and hold you a bit tighter. "I want her to have your eyes… but I don't really care if she doesn't, because I know she'll be cute anyway. She's our little daughter after all!"

You giggled by his enthusiasm. You and the Dane have been married for two years now, and had a wonderful time. He was very sweet and careful by your side, always making sure you were happy. Indeed you were having the best time of your whole life, and now you two were going to have a baby. You smiled and closed your eyes, remembering the day you found out you were pregnant.

~*~*~*~ Flashback ~*~*~*~

It was a cold winter day and Mathias went out for work very early, leaving you alone under the warm blankets. Two hours later you suddenly woke up and hurried to the bathroom. God, this was killing you. It had been already a whole week that you were feeling like this: waking up all sweaty because of the nightmares you had, being hungry but unable to keep the food in your stomach and a little febrile. You didn't tell it to your husband either, thinking it was only a stupid cold. Well, your stupid cold turned out into something intolerable this morning so you decided to go to hospital to do a check up.

Once you arrived there, a nurse attended you and brought you to a doctor, who looked like a 70 years old man.

"Good morning, Mrs. ________. Please take a seat."

You answered him with a nod and (gratefully) sat at the chair he indicated.

"So, what can I help you with?"

"Well, I don't really know what it is, but since a week I'm not feeling well" you told him and explained everything you were feeling those days.

For your surprise the doctor gave you a large smile "I think I know exactly what's wrong with your body, ________. Please let me make some exams before telling you what I guess it is."

You agreed and not even half an hour later he came back with an amount of paper in his hand. "Well, congratulations, ________! You're pregnant!"

You're pregnant… you're pregnant… you're pregnant…

It took you a moment to realize what he was talking about, but as soon as your mind absorbed the notice, you laughed and felt tears starting to form in the corner of your eyes. You were pregnant!! Mathias and you would have a baby!! A baby!! He would be a father and you a mother!! You were so happy that you almost ran off of the hospital to give your husband the news, but controlled yourself.

The doctor gave you some warns about your pregnancy (how you should stay quiet, not force anything and all this stuff) and told you to come again in a month to see if everything was alright and then congratulated you again before you leaved.

When you reached home, you were literally squeezing around. Sure, you were still feeling bad as hell, but you were pregnant! You would give birth to a little baby!! There was no way you would let this sickness take care of you.

It felt like eternity until the Dane arrived home, and you were a little worried about him since outside started to have a snow storm. Happily he soon arrived home.

"I'm home, skat!" he said closing the door behind him, and taking his shoes and jacket off, since inside the house was comfortably warm.

You ran to receive him, but doing this just made you fell sick and lose your balance. Before you could hit the ground Mathis held you firm against him, one hand holding your waist and another your head. "Hey, hey, hey, ________! What was this, love? Are you okay?" he asked, with a worried look. It wasn't commun for you to lose your balance.

"I-I'm alrigh, Mat. Everything's fine" you stammared, yet trying to catch your breath. He gave you a not very convinced look, and you just smiled softly at him. He smiled back, a bit releaxed and leaned forward, pressing his lips gently at yours. In reality you wanted to tell him about your baby, but you couldn't help yourself at kissing back. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, so did he. After a few minutes both of you broke apart searching for air. You leaned forward again, but just touched your forehead with his.

"I'm pregnant, Mathias" you whispered, with a large smile, not being afraid of saying it to him. Mathias was Mathias, there was no way he wouldn't accept the baby.

Just like you, he went silent for a minute, starring at you wide-eyed, but then a wide smile formed in his face, he hugged you tight and started to laugh. "That's wonderful, _______!! I'm so happy!! We're going to be a complete family now!!" he said, and you smiled and buried your face on his shoulder while his chin rested on the top of your head. "Jeg elsker dig, ________. I love you, I love you and I love you, _________."

"I love you too, Mathias"

~*~*~*~ End of the Flashback ~*~*~*~

You were still sitting on his lap, listening to him, who was blabbing about how Denmark was the King of the Nordics and stuff when you felt a… kick? Your eyes widen and your hands immediately flew to the place you felt it. Mathias should have notice that you stiffened.

"Hey, you okay, ________?" he asked, worried again.

"Y-yes! Mathias, she kicked me! I felt it!"

His eyes sparkled "Where?"

You took his hand and placed there were you felt it. And again the baby kick you lightly.

"Wow!! I felt it too! C'mon, little princess! Show me you're awake!" as if answering him, both of you felt how she kicked again. Mathias started to laugh. "She likes me, ________!"

"Of course she likes you, silly! You're her awesome father!"

Both of you smiled widely. Mathias wrapped his arms around your waist and started to place butterfly kisses down you neck.

"Oi, Mat! What are you doing?"

"Uhm? Dunno…" he said and continued placing light kisses. "Come on, Mat! Quit it!" you giggled as he didn't listen at you. "Stop! Stop it you stupid Dane!" you started to laugh.

So you two passed the rest of the afternoon snuggled in each other arms, having a sweet time.

~*~*~*~ 5 months later ~*~*~*~

You were just sitting in the couch, stroking your nine month belly while Mathias prepared the breakfast when you frowned. Damn, another contraction. Lately you were having them constantly but today was specially hard. You stood up, trying to walk it off, and as it felt better you sat down again.

"Breakfast is ready, skat~!"

You sighed and stood up again, but then another contraction hitted you and you fell on your knees. "MATHIAS!!" you screamed, tears of pain starting to fall down your eyes.

"_________!" the Dane ran to your side and involved you in his arms.

"M-Mathias!! T-the baby!" you managed to say between pants.

You didn't had to say anything else. He quickly nodded, took his jacket and lifted you in his strong arms, in the car direction.

After some hours you were lying in the hospital bed. Mathias had called some of his and your friends and after some minutes they were all there to give you support. Mathias was right next to you, holding your hand. You squeezed his every time a contraction hit, riding them out and pushing as they came.

You thought you would die of so much pain, but you told yourself to stay strong. Not just for yourself but also for your husband and the baby. Happily (or not) the nurse said she was seeing the baby's head.

"It's coming out, ________! Stay firm! It won't take long!" she started to pull her out, and you cried even louder.

"Ah! AHHHH!!! I-IT HURTS!!!" you screamed. Mathias held your hand even tighter, trying to distract you from the pain. God, how he hated to see you suffering like that!

After some minutes you heard the baby's cry. She was finally out, and you relaxed, giving your husband a tired smile. "It's over, ________. It's over now, dear" he repeated to you constantly.

The nurse involved the little person in a blanket and handed it to you. "Congratulations, ________. You got it, and she's a wonderful baby."

You smiled, proud of yourself and stroke the little girl's head. She was your treasure.

"Well done, love" Mathias whispered on your ear, and gave you a light kiss on the lips. You giggled a bit, but the tiredness was taking care of you, so you extended your daughter to his father. "I'm sleepy, Mat. Take care of her while I'm off, okay?"

He took her in his arms and leaned down, giving you another fast kiss. "I will, love. Now sleep well, ja?" you nodded and was about to close your eyes when he shook you lightly.

"Huh? What's now, Mat?"

"Nothing at all, just wanna know something… What do you think about (choose the baby's name) being her name?"

You gave him a weakly smile "It's beautiful, Mathias. _(baby's name)_ is a good name"

He giggled softly and so did you, falling asleep shortly after this, with a single thought in your mind: you had created a wonderful family which you would love forever.

OMG!! I always wanted to write this!!! I'm so happy that I managed to finish it!!! :squee: Actually I've been reading a lot of them, so I was realll motivated on doing this XDD
I hope you guys like it ^^ and it is my first Denmark x reader as well, so I'm sorry if it isn't very good -_-" but whatever!! I really hope you like it :iconsmile-luplz: and comments are always welcome ^^
As always, I don't own Hetalia, any of it's characters or the picture (though I wish I would >////< )
you-----> :iconsexydenmarkplz:
the baby-----> both of you ^^

Translation of some danish words:
skat: love
Jeg elsker dig: I love you
ja: yes
ende (¬¬): the end
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