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December 26, 2012
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"So, I'm out now! See you guys zonight~!" Gilbert shouted from the front door, adding with his weird laugh "Or maybe not, keseseseses~!" and slammed the door shut behind him.

Still in the kitchen you said "Your brother is a real pervert, Luddy" and raised an eyebrow, while drying the dishes he washed from the breakfast.

"Ja, you can say so…" Ludwig answered, shaking his head and placing some more wet plates in the sink for you to dry. "Ahm… Ludwig, where do I keep those cups again?" you asked.

The tall blond man besides you sighed and mentally 'faceplamed'. "In zhe cupboard right over zhe fridge… Seriously, ________, I've said zhis at least three zimes!"

"Haha… s-sorry…" you said scratching the back of your neck with a nervous smile. You quickly dried it and went to the cupboard direction, stopping in front of it and looking up. 'It's kind of too high for someone like me…' you thought, but went on your tiptoes, trying to put the cups in there. "C'mon!! Just a little more!" you whispered more to yourself than to anyone else. "Damn all those high things in this house! There aren't only tall people in this world, you know Luddy…!" you complained with a twitch between your eyebrows.

Ludwig stopped washing the dishes, sighed again and took the cups from your hands, putting them casually and without any difficulty on the cupboard. "We should change our duties, ________. You wash and I keep."

"O-okay… sorry…" you apologized, blushing a little. "Nein, it's okay, is just zhat I zhink it'll be easier since I know where all zhe dishes go" Ludwig explained, also blushing, even if without a reason.

You two went quite for some minutes while washing and drying. It was kind of… unreal that you were standing right next to the person you always loved, when only two days ago you were millions of miles away from him. You glanced at him when he wasn't paying attention to you. 'He's really beautiful…' you thought. And it wasn't only his beauty that you admired, but his responsible part too. No matter how many guys you knew, no one was as serious as Ludwig. And no one blushed in that cute way when embarrassed.

'I wonder if he feels the same way towards me…'

You sighed and continued washing. When would you be able to confess your feelings for him? What would be his reaction? What was going to happen if-


You were so concerned about those questions that you didn't notice at all as the plate slipped through your hands and crashed in the sink, breaking into lots of pieces. Your eyes widen and you looked at Ludwig who was surprised with the loud sound.

"What was zhis, _______?!"

"A-a plate!! I'm so sorry, Luddy!! Whaa, I'm so stupid~!!" you said, and at the same tried to pick some of the broken pieces, but as you took one, it slipped from your hand again (because it was full of soap), making a long cut on your palm. You flinched, clenching your fist and biting your bottom lip. "Ouch…"

"________!! Are you alright? Let me see it!" you heard him say, and much for your surprise, the look on his face was pure worry.

"No, it's o-okay, Luddy, I'm fine" you answered, giving him a smile. Or at least trying to.

"Of course it isn't fine, ________! Mein Gott, you've cut your hand! Come, I'll put some bandages on it" he said, grabbing your arm. "B-but the dishes! Let me just finish washing them!" you protested.

"Nein, your hand is much more important! Now stop yelling and come with me" he answered, walking into the living room direction and without looking at you.

'Oh my God, is he this mad?? It's just a cut!' you started to panic. Literally. Why was this happen to you? From all people in the world, you just wanted to see your crush again and it all turned into a mess. Why just you?

You lowed your head and let the German man pull you wherever he was taking you. You felt as he sat you on the sofa and went upstairs, without letting a word out, only a deep long sigh.

'Haha… I'm really stupid and a dead weight… He must be thinking on how careless I am… All I wanted was to make a good impression and confess my feelings, but it seems that nor that I can do… So foolish…' you smiled at your own silliness. Normally you would never act like this, so… so unconfident, but you were nervous. Dead nervous. Why? Because you were in the house of your freaking crush!! When you were still in (your country name), you never stopped to think on want you'd do after you arrived Germany. All you thought was that you wanted to see him. Nothing but this.

"Hey, ________, here I found some bandages" he said, and knelt in front of you. At first you just kept looking at him, like an idiot, but you soon realized that it was making him kind of uncomfortable, so you looked away and covered your face with your arm, hiding the deep blush in that appeared. "__-_______, mind showing me your hand, bitte?" he asked, kind of embarrassed too.

"Yes, s-sure!" and as you said this you extended it to him. You felt as his big ones involved your small ones, and gently passed some water on the wound, and just after this he passed some alcohol, which made you flinch because it burned as hell. "Ouch…!" you whispered, and almost pushed your hand from his. The German man, hold your hand tighter "Shhh, it's alright, ________, it'll soon pass…"

And indeed, after some seconds there was nothing burning, so he passed the bandage around your hand, trying his best not to hurt you. "Well, it's done. Take care not zo use this hand too much okay?"

You nodded. "Yes. Thankies, Luddy" and before you could think of it, you leaned forward gave him a light kiss on the cheek. It was just like if the world had stopped, Ludwig's eyes were so wide open that it almost scared you, making you panic. 'Oh… my… God…!!!! What have I done?? I can't believe I kissed him!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! He will kill me for sure!!' You wanted to disappear. And not for the first time since you arrive Germany. But there was it again, the other side of your mind who questioned your actions by another way.

'Well, you did it well, ________! Sometime you'll confess your feelings to him, what you just did, was your true desires. There's nothing wrong with it! You should be proud of yourself!'. You quickly agreed with it, but the good side of your brain still had not given up: 'Yeah, you may be in love with him, but you absolutely shouldn't have done this! Now you've ruined everything! He'll definitely not talk to you for a long time! You idiot!!'

You moved a little away from him, and sighed. 'I can't tell him what I'm feeling right now… It still too soon… I-in that case, I guess I'll have to lie… Sorry, Luddy-chan…'

"__-__-_______?! What-…. What was zhis r-right now?" a stunned German asked you.

You putted a false smile in your face, that looked like if you just had told him a joke (and hoped that it didn't look too fake). "Ha? Oh, Luddy, don't tell me you thought that it meant something else!! Oh, no, no!! It was just a little thanking kiss! Like when we were kids! Remember? I always gave you one when we went to bed! Nothing but this!! Hahaha!"

When Ludwig looked up at you, you caught your breath. There was nothing but anger in his eyes. Almost pure hate. "L-Ludwig…?" you whispered, in chock. What was going on? Weren't you two just fine until some minutes ago? What happened now? You've never seen him like this, he never showed a look like this to someone else. Never. But… why now?

"I'm sorry, ________, but we won't be able zo go out today, I forgot I've promised to spend the day with Feliciano and Kiku" he said to a wide-eyed and chocked girl, standing up and going upstairs, without caring looking back at you. "If you come to need some more bandages,zthey're in zhe bathroom."

As he disappeared from your vision you brought you knees to your chest and hugged it, still in a chock state. How…..? Why….? Why did he get so angry……? What have you done now……?

You trembled, remembering the way he looked at you. His eyes weren't light blue as usual, but a dark and sinister blue, his face covered in shadows. Who….. was that person right now? It wasn't Ludwig…… It… just couldn't be……

What the hell… just happened?

--------------- Ludwig's P.O.V. ---------------

I don't have any appointments with either Feliciano or Kiku. I just needed an excuse to get out of there. Away from her. Why? Because I just couldn't stand being by her side after what she did. A kiss… Is kissing someone in the cheek because of nothing normal from where she comes?

I know my reaction was exaggerated, but I just couldn't stay there. When she kissed me… I don't know what happened to me, but my heart beat faster, and I felt as if I would become totally red. What's this feeling…? Is it…lo-? No! It can't be! I've never been in love with someone… but I can't describe it. When I first saw her yesterday I almost couldn't control myself of so much joy I felt. Finally…! Finally I get to see her again, hold her in my arms, smell her sweet, beautiful hair, watch her blush every time I came next to her…. I think this is love after all… And sincerely, I thought that she felt the same way as me.

And when she kissed me… I thought I would get crazy. But then she said it… '… don't tell me you thought that it meant something else!! Oh, no, no!! It was just a little thanking kiss! Like when we were kids! Remember? I always gave you one when we went to bed! Nothing but this!!'

Nothing but this.

Ja, it was like a punch in my stomach. And yes, I know I shouldn't have been so angry at her, it was stupid. But mein Gott, it's the first time in my life that I've felt this way and that it ends so quickly. I guess there's nothing I can do… we're just childhood friends…

We always were…

--------------- Time skip, still Ludwig's P.O.V. ---------------

Okay, that's it. I can't take it any longer. I was ein Dummkopf, a total moron. I'll apologize to her with any excuse. I don't want her to worry, and I don't want her to think that she spent her money to by my side when I act so silly. If I can't be by her side as her….. boyfriend, than at least as her best friend. That's all I want.

I hope you forgive me for being such an idiot, __________.

--------------- Normal P.O.V. ----------------

'Well, if he won't come with me than I'll go alone'

Yeah, after you woke up from your trance you decided that you didn't need Ludwig to go out with you. You would go shopping, visit the city and know the vicinity by yourself, no matter how much this decision hurt your heart. Distract your mind a little.

'I…. I don't need him….'

-------------- Meanwhile, in the Beilschmidt house -------------

Ludwig went down and shouted after you.

"__________? Where are you?" but there was no answer. 'Scheiße…! Where is she!?'

Just when he entered the kitchen he saw a note on the table:

I know you're probably busy with your friends, so
I didn't want to disturb you. I went out to get a look
on this viallge since you wouldn't come with me.
And I'm sorry for whatever I did. Please don't come
after me, I'll be back soon.
Oh my gosh............ I'm so freaking sorry!!! I took to long to write it :iconorzplz: but that's because I didn't know at all how I should write it.... but I'm pretty satisfated with how it came out ^^
Yeah, I'm sorry I've made this so shity and heart-breaking, but I just needed this part to start the other one :D forgive me?? :iconbegplz:
But remember, the day just started, you and Luddy have a lots to do yet x3 and now you know his feelings towards you :iconsuperw00tplz:
Anyways, as always I don't own anything. The picture belong to it's owner,
Hetalia-----> :iconhimaruyaplz:
You-----> yourself for now, almost :iconsexygermanyplz:

Hope you guys enjoy reading this :D

Part 1:[link]
Part 2:[link]
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Part 6: [link]
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