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November 9, 2012
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'This is so boooring~!'

You couldn't help but stand up again and go to the bathroom. Actually it was the fifth time you went there, and going to the toilet was only an excuse to you to stand up and walk a little. You were still in the airplane, for 6 hours now and it was dark outside. Most people were sleeping, but some of them were also watching a movie in the small TV (which was in the seat in front of their own) or just reading something. You had done all this things and now you were bored.

Sure, you were very excited that you'd get to see Ludwig again and all this stuff, but being in the plane was just and only boring. The space between the seats were too short, the old man that sat next to you was a fat one so he occupied more space that he actually should, letting even less for you and you were also hungry. Not to say that you would have six more hours until you arrived Germany.

You sighed and walked through the corridor. The bathroom was free so you entered. Hell, even the bathroom was small! 'I seriously have to calm down… Just calm down, ________... Only 6 hours more and we'll be out here…'

Someone knocked the door, and you realized you'd been there for 20 minutes already. You quickly opened it.

"I-I'm sorry" you apologized, scratching your head. The woman that knocked the door just smiled and made a hand gesture, showing it was alright.

"Oh, don't worry about it, I know the food they give us here is not the best one" and with this she closed the toilet door behind her.

You just smiled. It had nothing to do with the food, but, well…. Whatever. You walked back to your place and sat, trying to fell asleep, but as you couldn't you watched (favorite movie name).

------------- Le awesome time skip -----------

'Meinen Damen und Herren, in fünfzehen Minuten werden wir landen. Bitte schnallen Sie sich an und warten noch ein kurzen Moment' said the captain voice in German, and happily he reapeted in english too. 'Ladies and gentlemen, in fifteen minutes we're going to land. Please fast your seat belt and wait a little bit more.'

You looked at your watch, and were surprised to see that you were already in Germany. For someone that couldn't wait to go the hell out of there, the past 6 hours passed really fast.

You opened the window and saw that outside was morning and that you were flying over a city, and you guessed it was Stuttgart. It looked beautiful, snow covered the house roofs and some lakes were starting to freeze. As the plane wasn't very high anymore you could even see some houses with Christmas decoration. You smiled. You just couldn't help it. You were finally seeing the city Ludwig saw 13 years ago. You were seeing it with your own eyes. You were there.

"Are you German, miss?" asked the man sitting next to you, trying to start a conversation.

"Oh, no! I'm just here on vacation" you answered.

"Oh, I thought you were. As I saw how you looked outside it seemed that you were just returning to your home town." He said with a small smile.

"Haha, thanks. In reality I'm just visiting an old friend of mine" though you said it, you kind of agreed with the man. You felt as you were returning to your hometown.

The man nodded and you talked a little more before stopping. You looked out again and heard as the captain said something in German and afterwards translated it in English. The plane was going to land.

'I seriously have to learn German as soon as possible…'

You just shook your head, a smile still in your face. In ten minutes you felt the airplane touching the ground and slowly stop. In a short time most passengers were standing up and picking their handbags. You waited until the majority made their way out of the plane and then stood up, stretching your back and taking your own hand stuff.

As you were outside you breathed the cold winter air and opened your arms like if you were hugging it. A laugh escaped through your lips. Finally. Finally, finally, finally!! 'Told ya, Ludwig. I was coming and now here am I!'

------------ Time skip by the awesome Prussia XD ---------

After one and an half hour you got all your luggage and was at the airports train station. According to your notes, you would take the second train from this station and take another one at the first halt. After that you'd be at the right place and search for your hotel.

When the train arrived it didn't took long until you were at the second station.

'Meinen Damen und Herren, das Zug Numer 673 ist verspätet und die jenigen die ihn nehmen würden, sollen den Zug Numer 958 anstatt nehmen. Vielen Dank.' Said a woman voice through the loudspeakers.

You immediately understood it had something to do with your train number. But, shiiiit!! 'I don't understand German~!!!' you started to pull your hair at anger. 'Maybe if I ask someone…' you walked over to where a man was sitting.
"Ahm… excuse me, sir, but-" you were cut off by the man you were asking for information.

"Entschuldigen Sie mir, aber ich spreche kein English" somehow you managed to noticed that he said something like that he didn't knew English.

You nodded and tried again, this time with a woman. Same thing. You kept trying but all of them just ignored you or didn't knew English, only French or German. You started to become desperate. You had to know what happened with your train. It should have arrived half an hour ago!!

Nobody seemed to know your language there and you fought against the tears. 'Come on, _______, someone will help you, just keep asking… just…keep…asking…'

For one entire hour you tried. Hundreds of trains came and went, making you totally confused. You didn't knew anymore what you were asking for, and which train you should take. The tears you were holding started to fall, and you knelt on the ground, your hands covering your head. It was so frustrating, hart and difficult to be in a foreign country without knowing it's language!

"DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH!?!?!" before you realized the words screamed out your mouth. People turned to look at you but nobody seemed to understand you.

"Ahm… I do know how to speak iz" a male voice said right behind you.

And you almost didn't believed your ears. You stood up, wiped your tears and looked at him. It was an albino man.

"Hey, Frau, you're really lucky zo find zhe awesome me zo help you!" he smirked and your heart beat faster.

"G-Gilbert?" you couldn't help but ask it. He was exactly like the Gilbert you knew some years ago.

"How do you know my name, Frau?" he asked back, with a confused look.

"Gilbert Beilschmidt?" you ignored his question. You weren't dreaming right? Was it really him? Ludwig's brother?

"Ja, zhat's me. How do you know me? Am I this famous even in a train station? Keseseseses~!"

You started to laugh. It was him! It was really him!

"Frau, you okay? What's wrong with you?"

"You really don't remember me, Gilbert?" you said looking up to him, a smile playing on your lips.

"I'm sorry, Frau, but I can't remember all zhe women I went out with." He shrugged.

"Did this past 13 years change me that much, Gilly-chan?" you asked again, using the childhood nickname you gave him.

The Prussian stood there, confused for a second, but then his eyes widen and he took a step back and pointed at you.


"Haha, finally! Yes, it's me" you said, and again, tears started to form in the corner of your eyes. Happy tears.

"_________! I can't believe it's you!!" he said and hugged you tight. "What the hell are you doing here??"

You hugged him back and laughed louder.

"I came to see you guys!" you answered. He let go off of you and putted each one of his hands on one of your shoulders.

"How did you knew we vere here, _______? And look at you! I didn't even recognized you!! For a little girl I must say you've became a really hot chick, Frau!"

"And you a big perv, Gil!" you said, and laughed again. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you, Gilbert. I've been waiting for this since forever!"

"So am I, ________! I still don't believe you're here…" he shook his head, a smile still in his face. "Ludwig will have a big surprise today, keseseseses~!!"

"I-is he okay?" you asked, shy for a moment.

"West? He's more than okay. He'd become a monster, ________. Not kidding, he's taller than me and he makes me train every day and doesn't let me throw as many parties as I used to! He was a lot better as a kid! But you'll see it by your own. For first let go out of here, you must be freezing."

"Can I stay by you two? Won't it be a problem?"

"Vhat? You're seriously asking me that? Of course you can!"

"Thank you Gilbert" you said, more than happy. It was really good to see him again. And soon his brother.

"Kein Problem, ________!" he answered and looked at your luggage. "Come, I'll help you with this stuff."

You thanked him again and quickly the two of you were walking at the parking place, where Gilbert's car were.

As both of you were in it, the albino started to drive the car to the AutoBAn.

"So, I guess zhe main reason for you zo come is zo see West, isn't it?"

"Well, yes… I haven't seen him for ages, so I thought I should come to make a visit."

"He'll be happy zo see you" Gilbert said, smiling. "Don't worry, we don't live very far from here; two hours and we'll be home!"

You didn't answered. Now that you stopped to think, would he really be happy to see you? Would he care about you? After such a long time, would he still remember you?

And with this, the two longest hours of your life begun.
Hey, hello there budies!!! :iconsayhiplz:
Here it is part 2!!! I wrote it all the day and I hope you guys like it :D
Things are getting really better for reader-chan (finally xD!!) and next chapter Luddy will get to join us!! :iconfuckyeahamericaplz:
I'm sorry if it sucks, but it's already 2:00 am and I'm more sleepy than awake XD

Translation of the german sentences:
Meinen Damen und Herren, das Zug Numer 673 ist verspätet und die jenigen die ihn nehmen würden, sollen den Zug Numer 958 anstatt nehmen. Vielen Dank.: Ladies and gentlemen, the train number 673 is going to be late, so the people who were going to take it should take the train number 958 instead. Thank you very much.
:Entschuldigen Sie mir, aber ich spreche kein English I'm sorry but I don't speak English.

Well, as always, I don't own Hetalia, any of it's characters even if I wanted to x3 and the pic neither
:iconsexyprussia2plz: and :iconsexygermanyplz: ----> :iconhimaruyaplz:
you ----> you for now ^^

Part 1:[link]
Part 2: :reading:
Part 3: [link]
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