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November 4, 2012
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---------- One year later, ______'s Mother P.O.V. ------------

It has been difficult. Since the Beilschmidt brothers moved away, _______ hasn't been the same anymore. She don't eat if I don't obligate her, she doesn't play with other kids or went outside. She cried most of the time while looking at photos of her and Ludwig. It broke my heart, but there was nothing I could do but wait until she woke up from her trance and realizes that it isn't the end of the world.

At least I hope it isn't.

---------- Twelve years later, normal P.O.V. ---------

Now you were 17 years old, and hadn't seen Ludwig yet. You lived your life like always: went to high school, did your homework had a half period job in a maid café so you could spare your own money and made friends. Until now you never had a boyfriend, because you realized that your heart already belonged to someone else. Yes, the close friendship you had with the German man turned into another thing to you, that you only noticed after he was gone. You loved him, just like that. Sure, you haven't seen him for, hell, 13 years!! But you remembered him just if you'd saw him yesterday. Sky blue eyes, blond hair and already tall body. If he'd changed, you believed that he only turned even more beautiful then he already was.

He'd never wrote you a letter and neither did you, but that's because you didn't knew his new address; his reason was something you wanted to know… Did he forget you? It couldn't be right? You had been such close friends! Of course he still cared about you… right? 'If he'd still cared about me he would have send me a letter!' you thought. 'Time sure changes things…'

You were curious about him. Did he like there in Germany? Did he make new friends? Does he have… a girlfriend? 'No, no, no and no! He can't have one~!!!' You shook your head trying to believe that but you knew that this was a minimal chance, after all you were only his childhood friend, nothing else but this.

'No! I refuse to handle him to another girl!! I love him so much that's quite unfair that he may have a girlfriend!'

And this was the reason for your half time job. You were saving money since 3 and half years now to buy an airfare to Germany and to make him a surprise. Of course you had no idea where in Germany he was but you would find him, even if you had to search all over the country. Your calculations told you that one more month of working and you'd have enough money to buy it and would still be left a little more.

The only problem was to convince your mother, and you decided that you'd do it after your work, when you came home.

You sighed and took your bag in which was your maid uniform and went to the café. 'Shit, shit, shit!! I'm freakin' late!!'. Happily the café was quite near to your house so it didn't took you too long to arrive there. You entered by the back entrance and quickly changed yourself.

"You're late, _______" Said your boss. He was a 65 years old man, a little rigorous but still a very good person.

"I'm sorry, Mr. (b/n)!" you apologized with a smile and scratching your head.

"It's okay, since you're a good girl. Just make sure to come punctually next time, okay?"

"Yes, Mr. (b/n). Sorry again" you said and went to attend the costumers, and as always, the café was full of people. Your friends asked you all the time why you worked there and you always answered it was for two reasons: for first because the wage was very good and in second place because you liked the atmosphere there;  everybody seemed happy and carefree, always laughing and making jokes while some others tried to flirt with the maids. Sure there were perverts too, but most of them were only lovely people.

"Oh!! ______ has arrived!" you heard someone saying and realized it was one of the usual costumers.

"Hello, Mr. Peter! How are you today?"

"Fine, thanks. Would you mind bringing me a coffee, _______-chan?"

"Sure! Do you want something else? I'd recommend the chocolate cookies, they're specially good today!"

"Well, if you say so then I would like to have some!" he said with a soft smile.

"Okay! Please wait a moment~!!"

------------ Le awesome time skip ------------

It was already 7 pm and your turn was almost over. There weren't many people left in the café and you were going to take a break when you heard the door open, and some costumers entering. You ran to receive them and for your surprise it was nobody else but your best friends, Alfred (America), Elizabeta (Hungary) and Francis (with the French man you just needed to be careful for not being suddenly kissed).

"Hey, dudette! What's goin' on?"

"Hey, hello Alfred! And Eliza and Francis!!" you said and gave them a hug. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Honhonhonhon~!!! That's because we wanted to see you in your sexy maid uni—!" but Francis was cut off by Hungary beating him up with her mortal frying pan.

"Shut up, you pervert!"

You had to giggle about this. They were always like this and it was really funny the time you spend with them.

"So, let's sit somewhere! The hero need something to eat!" Alfred said with his loud voice and sat at the nearest table. "Hey, _______ can you get me a hamburger? I'm so hungry I could eat a lion not kidding!"

"Hehe, sure. And you, Eliza? Wanna something?"

"Yeah, do you still have the vanilla milkshake? I just love the one from here"

"Of course! I'm going to let your orders in the kitchen and then I'll come back!" but before you could go there you heard Francis yell.

"And me? Won't you ask me what I want?"

"Yes, yes… What do you want, Francis?" you said while letting a sigh out.

"Hmm… I'd like to eat you, honhonhonhon~!!"  BANG!! (read this as Hungary beating him up again)

You rolled your eyes and as you came back there was no costumers left, only your friends, so you took this as a chance to sit with them.

"So, I've heard you're planning to go to Germany, right ______?" asked Eliza.

"Yeah… I want to find Ludwig again."

"Dude, that's obvious! You have a crush on him since… I don't even now!! Forever?" the American managed to say with the mouth full of hamburger.

You couldn't help but blush. Was it so obvious? You thought you'd hidden it well!!

"Mon ami Ludwig is so lucky to have a belle madmoizelle like _______ in love with him!"and  with this comment you blushed furiously. Eliza must have notice your discomfort because she quickly tried to change to the love subject to the main topic.

"So, when are you planning to go?"

"I don't know exactly. I'll receive my wage on the end of the month and then I think I'll have enough money. I guess one more month and I'll start to pack up."

"And your mom? Have you told her?"

"No… I don't know how… You know, right? She has already lost my father, who abandoned us, and I don't want her to think that I'm leaving either…" you whispered. Two years after Gilbert and Ludwig flew to Germany, your father has left you and your mother as well. You could still remember the nights you couldn't sleep and heard your mother crying. And you knew that even now your mom was still waiting for him to come back. That's why you hated your father; how could he let her this way? How could he?!?

For your surprise Francis put a hand on your shoulder and gave you a soft smile.

"Don't be so upset, okay mon cher? I'm sure she'll understand it."

"YEAH! And I'll help you if ya want!! I'm the hero after all!" Alfred shouted.

"So will I! If you need something just come to us!" agreed Hungary.

You fought against the tears. They're all so good friends~!

"Everybody…" you started to say, your tears winning the battle and falling down your cheeks.

"Hey! Don't cry! We're your friends and that's what friends do, right?" with this  all of them hugged you and you smiled, thinking on how happy you were.

"I love you guys!"

"I love you too, mon cher! And how about making lov—" Francis started to say but again he was cut off by the frying pan and a scary Elizabeta.

"Enough with your pervert jokes, Bonnefoy."

You and Alfred couldn't help but laugh at this.

---------- Another awesome time skip because I'm too lazy XD ----------

When you arrived your house it was already 08:45 pm and you tried to relax yourself. 'It's okay, she will understand it… calm down… just tell her with calmness… she won't be angry…'

You sighed and opened the door.

"I'm home~!"

"Welcome back, dear. How was it today?"

"Oh, just like always. Francis, Alfred and Eliza were there too" you said to your mom with a smile while taking your shoes off.

"They're good friends… I'm sure you had a lot of fun with them!"

"Yeah, you can say so" you let a giggle out. "I'm going to take a shower, okay?"

"Sure, do it." She said with her soft voice.

You just smiled back and went to the bathroom.

---------- After your bath -----------

You put your bear pajamas and went to the living room. Your mother was there, sitting on the sofa and watching TV.


"Yes, sweetheart?"

"C-can we talk for a second?"

"Of course! Come here, sit next to me." She said petting the place in the sofa next to her which you walked to and sat.

"Ahm… Mom…" you didn't knew how to start. You thought for a moment and then tried again. "Mom, do you know why I choose to work on a half period job?"

"To spend your own money I guess."

"Yeah, right… But there's a reason why I want to spend this money…" you inhaled. "Actually I want to buy an—"

"An airfare to Germany, right?"

You looked up to her surprised.

"H-how do you know?!"

"Oh, dear, that's pretty obvious. You love him after all, don't you?"

Your cheeks flushed with a bright red color. Was your mom a medium or something? Or were you only too easy to read?

"I… I don't…" you gave up and just nodded. "Yes, I like him."

"I knew it. And I was waiting for this day to come indeed…" your mom said with a soft smile. "You're 17 years old now… Time sure pass fast, huh? Until yesterday you were my little kid and now look to you, a woman already… It's normal to you to want to see him again after all."

"D-does it mean… you approve it?"

"I don't have to approve anything, dear. You just need to follow what your heart says, and in this moment I think he says to you to go and see Ludwig, right?"

You couldn't hold yourself anymore and hugged her, burying your face on her shoulders.

"Thank you, m-mom! Thank y-you so much!"

"You're welcome, sweetheart. Just promise me you'll be careful and that you're going to visit me, alright?" she answered caressing your (h/l) (h/c) hair.

"I promise! I swear I'll do it."

"And, ______, if I'm not wrong, Gilbert has told me that they were going to Stuttgart."

Stuttgart. It's a big town in Germany and it would certainly be difficult to you to find them there, but at least you wouldn't have to search all over the land.

"Thanks again, mom."

"Anything for you, _______."

------------- 1 month later, you're packing your luggage -----------

"So, do you have everything, dear? Warm clothes, money, passport?"

"Yes, mom! Now we just need to go to the airport!"

"Fine, take your luggage and put in the car, I'll take the car key!"

You nodded and went outside. Finally you were going to Germany, and in less than one day you would be there.

"Okay, I have everything! Let's go, _______!!"

Two hours later you were sitting in a café in the airport with your mother. You'd send the luggage to the airplane already and were just waiting to do the check in.

"Are you prepared?" your mother asked with a worried voice.

"Yes, I've been waiting for this day my whole life. I'm prepared."

She smiled and took a sip of the coffee.

Alfred, Eliza and Francis had said good bye to you yesterday and made a party too, in which you had a lot of fun, and wished Ludwig would be there to see it.

'Those who are going to take the airplane number JJK- 5729 please go to the terminal B to do the check in.' was heard from the loudspeakers.

You checked your number and realized that it was yours.

"It's mine! Let's go, mom!" you drank the rest of your cocoa and with one hand you grabbed your handbag and with the other your mother's wrist.

In five minutes you were one the terminal B and in a long queue for the check in. When your turn came you hugged you mother and some tears fell from your eyes.

"Good bye, mom"

"Good bye, love. Take care okay?"

"Yes. I love you, mommy."

"I love you too, dear. More than anything else."

And with that you released her and made your way to the airplane. You turned back and saw her waving at you, and so did you before entering the giant machine.

You found your seat next to the window and after half an hour the airplane started to move. Quickly it wasn't touching the ground anymore and it was getting high and higher. You looked outside and watched as the city began to become increasingly smaller.

'Just wait for me, Ludwig. I'm coming.'
So there it is!! Finally!! :iconfinallyplz:
and wow!! I wrote 3 pages more than I planed to!! :iconfuckyeahamericaplz:
I really hope you guys like it and that you find it was worth to wait :D Maybe it'll take me a little longer to write part 2 cuz I'm going to enter in a test period and god, how I hate it!! but very well, I"ll try to write it as soon as I can ^^
Sorry if any french words are wrong, but I don't speak french fluent so.... ^^U at least I can write the German words right since I'm half German XD
(b/n) : boss name
I don't own Hetalia, the pic or you ^^
:iconsexygermanyplz:----> :iconhimaruyaplz:
you -----> yourself for now :D
Well, c ya later!! :iconbyeplz:

Part 1: :reading:
Part 2: [link]
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