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November 19, 2012
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You were bored as hell. Just like that. Your parents went out for dinner and left you home, so you could study for your tests. Like if you would. You'd studied all day long, and you just couldn't take it anymore, the math book laid open in your desk, with pencils and highlighter around it, but without you paying attention to them. The more you looked at it the more you didn't understand it.

You sighed and sat on your bed, looking outside the window. It was raining and rather cold outside, causing you to feel more bored than usual. 'God, why can't I just go and hang out with some friends?' you thought lying down and staring at the ceiling. As if someone read your mind, your mobile phone vibrated announcing the arrival of a new text message. You opened it and checked the ID. It was your best friend Alfred F. Jones.


You giggled a little. Alfred was certainly bored, he was way too energetic to just sit down and learn quietly to a math test.

Hey, Alfie! What I'm doing? The same as you I guess, lying at my bed and looking at the so interesting ceiling, can't study either…

You send the message and waited for his answer. Not even a minute later he'd send it back.

Pffff math's sucks… wanna do something? We could go to McDonald's have a 'little' snack!! Or watch a movie!!

You quickly answered him: Dunno… Dad and mom are out and told me to study…

C'mon, ________! You're not studying anyway! Let's do something!!

Fine, you won! McDonald's at 8 P.M.?


You couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm. You two had been friends since forever and to tell the truth, after you'd grown up, you developed a crush on him. Before you could realize, you'd fallen for him; and it wasn't without a motive, you just loved everything about him. He was always cheerful and happy, his sky blue eyes shining with vivacity and his blond hair just suited him. He was always there when you needed someone to laugh or to cry, and no matter what, he made you feel better. No wonder he called himself a hero. He was a hero, your hero.

Shacking your head you got up and searched on your wardrobe for some clothes. You took a pair of jeans, a (f/c) shirt and a jacket over it. After putting your shoes you took an umbrella and went out. Happily the mall was not far away from your house, so you reached it soon. Alfred was already there and as he saw you he waved and ran to your side.

"Hi, _______!"

"Hi, Alfred! Have you waited too long?"

"Nope! I've just arrived! And did you came by foot?" he asked, looking at your jeans, which where a kind of wet.

"Yeah… Like I said, mom and dad are out so they couldn't take me here."

"You should have asked me to pick you up, ________! I know how much you hate storms nights like that!"

You blushed a little by his worry. "It was nothing, Alfie. I live near to here you know"

"Whatever, _________. You should have told me." He said, not very convinced.

"Yes, yes I'm sorry! I'll ask you next time okay?" you answered, rolling your eyes.

"Hehe that's better, I'm the hero after all!" he said, cheerful again. "Now shall we go eat? I could eat a lion! Not kidding, I'm gonna die if I don't have something in my stomach!"

You smiled and nodded. Alfred passed an arm around your shoulders (making you blush even redder) and pulled you through the amount of people to McDonald's. While he opened the way, you looked up to him. He was handsome as always today, and you wish he'd see you as something more than just a friend, but you didn't have the courage to confess to him. Every time you decided to, you failed. One side of your mind told you to, but another part told you not, because you didn't knew if he felt the same way about you, and if not, your confession would ruin your close friendship. The only close friend you really had.

"Hey dudette! You okay?" Alfred asked you, with a twich in his eyebrows.

You realized you've been spacing out and mentally criticized yourself.

"Yeah, it's alright. I just daydreamed again" you sweat dropped with an apologetic smile.

The American smiled back and you two started to talk about some random thing. After some time you'd finished eaten (you had a hamburger and an ice cream while Alfred ate a tray of hamburgers).

"So, wanna go somewhere else?" he asked you with his childish smile.

"No idea… I can't stay out for much longer since my parents don't know I'm out… I think I should be going home for now…"

You thought you saw his smile fail a bit, but it was probably your imagination. "Sure, we can do something another day! Hang out to watch a movie or whatever ya want"

You nodded again "Yeah, we can combine it later"

Alfred smile grew bigger as you agreed and then he said he were driving you back home, though all your insistence, saying that it was alright and that you could walk home without problems. But Alfred is Alfred, once he decided it nobody would change his mind.

You sighed again and let it be, since you were too tired to discuss.

When he reached your home he went out of the car and walked with you until the front door.

"So, see you tomorrow at school ________! Wish me luck on this damn math test!"

You laughed softly. "Wish it for me first, I'll suck on it… And it'll be all your fault, Jones. Taking me out when I have test tomorrow… seriously…" you said, kidding. You two laughed, but as soon as you said it a lightning struck a tree near to your house and it was followed by a loud thunder.

You jumped of fright and lost your balance. Alfred saw how you were about to fall and in an inhuman speed he managed to get you clumsily before you hit your head on the ground. And then your eyes widen, just like his. Yes, he managed to get you, but your lips were smached into each others.

You two separated from one another and you turned as red as one of Spain's tomatoes, covering your mouth.

You looked at the American guy, and he blushed. "Hey, __-_______! I'm sorry dude!! I never had the intention on doing it to you! I mean, I would never do this, you know!! Sorry dudette!"

Something deep in your heart broke by listening his words. I would never do this… I would never do this…

But you kept it cool. "D-don't worry, Alfie! It was an a-accident! It doesn't mean anything, hehe!" but you felt as you were about to cry. Happily you get to keep the tears away.

Alfered apologized some more times and then l drove off, letting you alone in front of the door's house. As soon as his car was away of your field of vision, the tears fell down your cheeks. Tears of sadness, confusion and anger.

'What the fuck just happened?'
Hello there people!! :iconsayhiplz:
So I know that I have to finish some more of my other stories, but I couldn't help myself of writing this one XD
I also know it sucks, but it is my first America x reader so.... well, sorry if it's not very good :iconsweatdropplz:
Anyways, I hope you guys like it!! :D and comments are always welcome ^^
Oh, and I'm sorry if there's some grammar erros (I suck on english XD )

I don't own Hetalia, any of it characters or the picture ^^
you----> yourself for now :D

omgomgomg!! can't believe I started an America x reader!!! :squee: I always wanted to write this >////<
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wow actually no, but you're right!! XD
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